Case Study

Mr & Mrs Slipper, Felixstowe, Suffolk

All jobs starts with a conversation, in this case the client had done their homework and made a fantastic effort to show us exactly what they had in mind. They presented us with a picture of the house taken from an old original book of Felixstowe. They had briefly sketched a proposal of what they where looking to do be done, one of the main points being the replication of the original arches and the trellised end.

We measured up on site, and came back to Mr Slipper with a proposal of what we could do. This was a very good job for us to work alongside the builder and the client to figure out the best was to achieve a modern use of the room whilst trying to pick up some of the features of the 1930s photograph.

This has been a really enjoyable job and as a company we are proud of the outcome. We have really enjoyed working with Mr and Mrs Slipper and their daughter Nicola.